Kress Robotics

The future of robotic mowing is here, Kress RTKn Machines are available now so call us for more information

We are avid supporters of quality machines and are very picky about the products we like to stock and offer our customers. This strategy has its good and bad points but, on the whole, it has stood us in good stead regarding customer satisfaction and support. It means we are not always the cheapest as we tend to go for the more premium brands, but this in turn has given our customers confidence in the products they buy from us, will be serviceable, long-lived and backed up by us and the manufacturer for the duration of its life. This brings me to our latest product that we are proud and excited to be a dealer for and that’s Kress. They do a range of quality cordless machines and with 50 years of experience, they know how to make a quality machine.

Robotic Mowers

The range of robotic mowers covers just about every mowing area from 600 square meters to a whopping 36’000 square meters and are one of the first manufacturers to have a range of cable-less RTK GPS robot mowers with centimetre accuracy!
For more information on the range of Kress robot mowers check out our robotics section.

Other Kress Battery Power Tools

Kress also do a range of battery power garden tools and commercial tools including the fast charge Cyber System able to charge their commercial 60v batteries in 8 minutes using a very clever DC charging system! This is a game changer for any commercial user allowing them to continue to work in the same time it would take to refuel a standard petrol machine. The range of tools covers small 20v garden tools for the small garden user, a 60v prosumer range for the larger garden owner and pro user alike and the Cyber System for the pro market. The machines range covers blowers, conventional battery mowers and robot mowers, grass trimmers, chainsaws, hedge cutters, one-hand branch saw, grass and shrub shear and even a portable pressure washer!

Talk To Us

We are currently stocking the Kress range of machines. If you would like something we don’t have in stock, as long as it is in stock with Kress we can get it for you, so just pop in, grab a free coffee and have a chat with us. We are still updating this website with all Kress has to offer so pop back regularly to see what’s new or drop us a line and we can add you to our mailing list for further updates. Also keep an eye on our blog as we will be posting more product information, reviews and video demonstrations as we test things out.