Stihl MS500i

MS500i on log close up
Stihl MS500i Chainsaw

The new Stihl MS500i has been a game-changer in our industry………

The MS500i is the first fully fuel injection chainsaw. We have been selling this new groundbreaking saw for some time now and all our customers who have invested in this new saw for there businesses have not been disappointed! The feedback we have received has been nothing short of fantastic.
If you would like to see an MS500i up close please call give us a call and arrange to come and see one up close!

2 thoughts on “Stihl MS500i

    1. Hi
      I’m sorry but at the moment we don’t have any we are waiting for a shipment and we don’t expect to see that until around the 25th of this month but that date is only an ETA and could still move on.

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