Honda Miimo

Take a look at what the Honda Miimo can do in this latest video presented by broadcast meteorologist Laura Tobin. She touches on how climate change is impacting our gardens and lawns and how we can use modern garden robotics like the Miimo to help keep our lawns looking at their best and have the least impact on our environment. She also talks to experts about the care of large grass areas and how these robotic mowers can help.

Some may see these machines as a bit of a gimmick, but as the pressure steps up to use energy more efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint these hi-tec machines are at the forefront of these changes. I have noticed a big shift to customers looking at machines like the Honda Miimo as a clean & quiet replacement to a ride-on or other engine-driven mowers. I will do a future blog on some of these environmental benefits but for now, enjoy the video.


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