No-Glug Fuel Cans

No Glug Fuel Cans 10 & 20 litre

These new No Glug fuel cans have been hugely popular and for good reason. They are well constructed with large sealed metal caps, galvanised steel tanks to avoid corrosion and internal storage for the Flexi spout that allows fueling without the use of a funnel. The key feature that these cans have above the standard Jerry-style can is the inclusion of a rear vent that when opened allows fuel to flow from the nozzle without “Gluging” and slopping about. Another feature is a recessed base that allows the can to be placed on the ground but keeps the tank part off the ground avoiding stones or hard objects from piercing the underside of the tank. All in all, these are cans that will last you for years and are robust enough for home and commercial use alike.
We stock them in both 10 lt & 20 ltr sizes to suit most applications. They all come with a flex spout included.

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