AL101 Battery Charger

£40.00 inc vat

The AL 101 is a great value charger for the AK 10, 20 and 30 batteries and also all the larger AP range of batteries used in the AP Cordless Systems tools. This charger is a slower charger than its AL300 & 500 bigger brothers but comes in considerably cheaper if your in no hurry to charge your batteries. As a rough guide, the AL101 charger would charge an AP200 battery in approx 150mins as opposed to an AL300 fast charger in about 45mins for the same battery.

This is just a guide to help you decide but for full charge times and comparisons please refer to the Stihl catalogue.


It features an LED indicator to let you know whether the battery is charging or not, and can be easily mounted to the wall for easy access to free up space on your worktops. It also has passive cooling technology to prevent the battery from over-heating.


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