Auto-Mow Kress/Worx 12 Blade Pack With Screws

£15.00 inc vat

Worx/Kress blades from Auto-Mow last longer because of the hardened steel they are made of. Worx/Kress blades have a special sharpening technique, which keeps the blades sharper for longer.


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The hardened steel is designed to eliminate breakage if the blade hits a rock or a hard branch during cutting. This also ensures that there will not be any fragments from the blade left in the grass, making it safe to use.

The newly invented stainless steel offers a longer cutting time, and will make sure that the consumers will not need to change the blades so often.

  • Top-quality blade steel
  • Come in a safety dispencing case for ease of use
  • Includes new screws with thread lock applied


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