Honda Versatool Attachments

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The name Versatool is a clever mix of words ‘versatile’ and ‘tool’, but the machine itself is far more impressive than any name we could think of. Its range of ingenious attachments has been built to cover every garden need – from cultivating vegetable patches to shaping bushes, and all by using just one Honda engine to power them all.


A lot of thought has gone into the user-friendly design and safety features that make the Versatool so easy to use. It’s built to the same Honda quality found in all of our power tools.

From little innovations within the all-important engine to our clever joint system to connect the assortment of attachments, our heritage of engineering makes sure each component is made to the highest possible quality. That’s Honda.

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SSBC Line Trimmer, SSHH-S Short Hedge Trimmer, SSHF-LE Long Hedge Trimmer, SSPP Pruner, SSET Edger, SSBL Blower, SSCL Cultivator, SSES-S Extension Shaft 50cm, SSES-L Extension Shaft 100cm


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