i-Switch Mk3

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The perfect way to isolate areas that need avoiding at certain times of the year.

Having done many robotic mower installs over the years I found I needed a way of keeping the robot mower from entering certain areas.  For instance,  around fruit trees during fruiting times or bulb patches at certain times of the year, and even pet and child play areas.

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We developed the i-Switch because we found other switching methods to be unreliable and not always suitable for outside use. They were difficult to hook up because they were never designed for this application.

The i-Switch was designed from the ground up by our own robotic mower engineer so we have used it in a lot of our own installations.  It is simple to install and use, with only one button to switch between areas.  The core of the i-Switch is a small microcontroller that “remembers” the last direction the switch was set to so when the button is next operated it switches to the opposite direction and then goes into self shutdown only to re-wake on the next button press.  This allows the switch to operate on a single 9v battery for many years giving a very long battery life as no power is drawn from the battery once the line has switched.


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