Kress Fast To Base Kit

£89.00 inc vat

Give your Kress robot mower the ability to take a “shortcut” back to the charging dock without the need to travel the complete distance around the perimeter cable with the Fast To Base kit*

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With this kit, you can create a quick route back to the docking station using the magnetic strip supplied in the kit (no wiring necessary) or use extra magnetic strip to create No Go areas eg around bulbs etc.  The box comes with the sencer for your Kress robot mower and enough magnetic strip and pins to create several shortcuts.  The sensor will require fitting inside your Kress robot mower and connecting to the internal port. Full instructions are supplied in the box and can be easily fitted without invalidating any warranty.

* The kit is available to fit the listed models:

  • KR120E
  • KR121E
  • KR122E
  • KR123E
  • KR133E
  • KR136E


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