Kress Misson Mega KR136E

£3,999.00 inc vat

Combining proven Kress technologies with the multi-mower function, 4G GPS* Return home, high torque in-wheel motors and dual cutting discs for the optimum level of commercial area coverage and performance up to 6500 m² Recommended 6000 m²


The Misson Mega KR136E is a high-quality machine packed with the latest features to mow a large lawn or sports area easily.  Larger battery than the KR133E allowing for much longer run times hence larger area cutting performance.  This is ideal for the likes of schools, commercial gardens, solar farms, sports fields, large estates etc.

  • TeamWork function enables several mowers to operate within a single boundary wire
  • Dual blades with 35 cm cutting width significantly improved cutting performance
  • Unique In-Wheel drive for precise and quiet mowing
  • Easy-clean for IPX5 spray water protection
  • Electronic height management from 30-60 mm using the APP via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or the on-machine display
  • Geotrace – LTE module control your mower*
  • Floating mowing deck evens out bumpy ground and protects blades from obstacles
  • Charging connector on the side for easy starting and clean cutting up to the charging station
  • LCD display
  • OAS or Obstacle Avoidance System uses ultrasound sensors to detect oncoming obstacles in its path and drive around them.

    Key Features And Specifications

    • TeamWork function
    • Double mowing plates
    • In-wheel drive
    • Quiet
    • Floating mowing deck
    • IPX5 water spray protection
    • Electronic height management
    • Geotrace – LTE module control your mower
    • Obstacle Avoidance System
    • RBS – Recharging Brake System
    • Side charging
    • Remote control by smartphone
    • Multi-zone programming
    • Forward and reverse rotating blades
    • Automatic return to the charging station
    • Weather resistant
    • Anti-theft locking function
    • Blades stop immediately when the mower is lifted
    • Rain sensor
    • PIN security code
    • 3-blade cutting system
    • Cutting height from 30mm – 60mm
    • Cutting width 35 cm
    • Noise level 64 dB(A)
    • Max incline 45% (24 deg)
    • 20v Max 10 Ah Li-ion battery
    • Brushless blade motor


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