Miimo HRM 70 Live

£1,259.00 inc vat

Introducing the latest addition to the Miimo family: Small Miimo is an intelligent robotic mower that’s perfect for mowing smaller lawns. Big on cutting performance, it’s easy to set up with many new features. With the HRM70 Live, you can mow areas up to a maximum of 700m2 with ease.

The new compact Miimo takes the effort out of lawn maintenance ensuring your garden looks pristine every day!  These come with everything you need to instal the Miimo and a full set of instructions but if you would rather have a professional installation then please talk to us as we have many years of experience installing and setting up robotic mowers and can give you a free evaluation and a competitive rate to install for you.

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The Miimo 70 Live is an intelligent robotic mower that calculates your garden size, learns its layout and works out a mowing calendar all on it’s own.  with the power to mow areas of up to 700 m2, there’s no easier way to keep your lawn in perfect condition all year round.


  • Control Panel & Smartphone App Connectivity
  • 2.5Ah battery
  • Automatic Charging System
  • Micro Mulching
  • Map & Mow
  • Weatherproof
  • Connect to Amazon Alexa for verbal control
  • Smart Timer
  • Place & Mow

What’s Map & Mow?

An easy 4-step setup process will map your garden’s layout, calculating its size creating a mowing calendar that fits around you. Small Miimo will return to base in time to recharge itself, then resume cutting from where it left off.  This methodical mowing pattern allows the lawn to be entirely cut quickly, unlike some machines that work in a random mowing pattern.  The app on your phone allows complete control over the Miimo’s mowing planner and allows control even when your away from home.


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